The HOME Campaign reflects our mission and values.

As Redemption OKC establishes a permanent place in Edmond, we will further our mission to our city and world. We are asking God, “Would you lead us to a home that fits our hopes for our church and for our city?” While we sense that it is time to find our home, we do not yet know what exactly it will look like or where it will be. One thing is certain: when God directs us to a home, we want to be ready. In Edmond, a location for a church can be hard to find and real estate can move quickly. So, we want to raise funds so that we will be ready when God gives direction. How will this money be used? These funds may be used for deposit on purchase of land or building, down payment on a loan, mortgage or lease of facility, and/or required costs for inspections, architects, engineers, bank and legal fees.

3 Ways We're Building Trust

God has blessed us from the beginning. As we move through the HOME Campaign, we want to make sure to give you specific and measurable ways that life and ministry will be different as we establish a permanent presence in Edmond. 

A frequent comment we hear from visitors is, “It sounds like you are a great church, but I don’t think I would ever go to church in a school.” While we love the school where we meet, we are essentially meeting in someone else's home. It will never feel like “us.” What if we created a home that fits who we are: an authentic and honest place where you can experience God’s grace and hear the Word of God clearly taught? How many people would be more open to Redemption if our space was more inviting and hospitable?

"When and where can we hold that meeting?” This is the question that currently drives many of our decisions when it comes to Student events, Equipping classes, men’s and women’s groups, Leadership training, and more. What if we had a more visible, versatile, permanent presence in the city where we only had to ask the question, “What is the best time for people?”

What if less of our time was spent in preparing a space to meet and more of our time was spent in preparing a people for mission? If we had a home base for our ministry, we could generate more focus on reaching people through the declaration and demonstration of God’s love.

Stay updated on the HOME Campaign.

The HOME Campaign is fast moving target. We are raising capital incrementally, through short fundraising sprints. While this is exciting, it can be easy to get lost. We don't want that to happen, so please submit your name and email address, and you will be added to our HOME Campaign email list.